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Creating tangible transformation for rural households

Agri Entrepreneurship Program

A motivated, self-employed rural youth trained under AEGF





Annual Transaction

₹ 6,60,29,22,079
Economy Unlocked

Active AEs

Active AEs

Women AEs

Women AEs

Average income

₹ 5,16,402
Average revenue

AEGF, co-founded by Syngenta Foundation India and TATA Trusts, supported by IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative packs an experienced and credible team working passionately towards rural development

“The AEG Foundation has been certified one of the best workspaces in India by the Great Place to Work Institute ® for 2021.This recent recognition awarded by the Great Place to Work Institute reflects the organization’s drive towards creating a safe and inclusive workspace for all its employees. AEGF strives to ensure a respectful, inclusive, and diverse environment, and ever since its inception, we have built on these ideals.The certification marks a great employee experience, one that AEGF endeavors to deliver through our clear vision, culture, and values.”

Talking about the Agri Entrepreneurs, WR Reddy, Director General NIRD&PR said, "Farmers across country at present need commodity-centric experts in the form of service providers who could bring in knowledge related to crop science, input services, value addition and market linkages as a one-stop solution to the farmer." Further, he added: "The AEs we are promoting with the support of SFI will be spread across the country in a scalable proposition in the next five years, providing market-ready services to the farmers while being able to generate revenue for themselves.

The early signs of the AE model suggest that this could potentially solve the challenge of last mile delivery of services and bring the youth back to agriculture. More importantly, it could create an ecosystem where tech savvy, frontline champions support marginalized farmers in adopting improved production technologies and inputs, a transition fundamental to the goal of doubling farmers’ income.

What makes this program so interesting to us is creating a network of AEs in rural areas,” says Arindom Datta, Head of Sustainability Banking at Rabobank Asia. “It blends entrepreneurship with cooperative values, so it can respond to market trends.